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Our Complimentary Design Service will provide a plan for all types of foliage based on interior environment factors as well as aesthetic and traffic considerations.  We use all the up to date concepts in terms of products and styles.  The design service comes complete with a Proposal and Quotation tailored to the needs of each client.

Complimentary Design Service Process- Fast & Easy

  • A Walk-through appointment with you for Site Evaluation, listening to you and capturing all your ideas
  • We can offer our Design Ideas: Suggesting Plants, Planters, & Accessories based on your environment
  • We go back to our office and Prepare an itemized Proposal, with a Cost estimate, Lease or Purchase

  • Upon agreement, Our Installation Service orders and gathers all material for day of Install.
  • Finally it is handed over to our Service Department to provide the long term care of your Indoor Plants.