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Holiday Decor - Christmas Trees

We specialise in providing real decorated Christmas trees for Los Angeles based companies and artificial decorated Christmas trees and themed Christmas accessories for a wide selection of clients.

Indoor decorated Christmas trees and outdoor Christmas trees

For Offices, receptions, hotels and shopping centers Plant Republic can deliver stunning modern, contemporary, traditional or any decorated Christmas trees and accessories. With hand picked live trees, supply and guaranteed installation dates, decoration and lighting by professional Christmas tree teams and environmental disposal, you can be assured of a Christmas service that will meet all of your expectations.

Live Christmas tree

We supply live fresh Christmas trees from 4' to over 60'. Our real Christmas trees come from sustainable forests right here in California.

Artificial Christmas tree

We supply artificial Christmas trees from 4' to over 40'. Our artificial Christmas trees are of the highest quality and have a high branch tip count (the sign of a quality artificial Christmas tree) our artificial Christmas trees are flame retardant, and are certified under British and European trading standards.

Christmas accessories

We provide themed Christmas accessories like Christmas garlands,Christmas wreaths and Christmas flower arrangements to compliment your Christmas tree.

How to order

Simply order your decorated Christmas tree and accessories here on our website and let us do the rest, alternatively contact one of our dedicated Christmas tree team members: Christmas@MyPlant or call us at 877-511-7256 and we can advise on all your decorated Christmas trees and discuss your specific requirements.