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What is Plant Replacement Policy

Plant Republic's “No Hassle” Guaranteed Plant Replacement Policy ensures that your plants remain healthy under our care.

Keeping our client plants healthy and beautiful is our passion. Our staff are expert interiorscapers, whose experience, continuing education and dedication provide exquisite and consistent results. The skillful talents of our technicians combine talent and taste for outstanding interior landscapes.

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Our Indoor Plant Care Service guarantees our plants. If a plant is no longer healthy, we replace it. Keeping Interiorscapes looking beautiful all the time takes experience and knowledge – that’s our specialty!

Our Color Program includes rotated seasonal blooming plants and unusual botanicals carefully selected just for your site. Plant Republic's staff knows just how to maintain exotic orchids, colorful Bromeliads, Kalanchoes, Poinsettias and more. We rotate plants and colors to maintain a fresh look.

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Guaranteed Plant Maintenance

Plant Republic is first in Customer Service with the expertise that you need. We take pride in our work and the quality of service we deliver. Reading our Client Testimonials you may gather that we simply work with higher standards.

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